More Information About PIXEL INITIATIVE

Pixel Initiative is a digital creative service from Stacey Jay Kelly located in Greater Manchester. We focus on Graphic Design, Illustration,Web Development, and content.

New Fabrics from Pixel Initiative.

I have created a range of fabric designs and recieved the samples. I was totally satisfied with the printing and fabric quality and proud to share my artwork in a new format. For more info visit... - Stacey Kelly.

  • Kickstarter Campaign Successful.

    I have recently designed a deck of Fresh Water Fishing Playing cards. I featured them on Kickstarter and I am proud to say they hit their target. Decks are ready to ship from April 2015- Stacey Kelly

    More info about Pixel Initiative.

    I am a digital designer with a rich variety of experience. I have worked for Sony, Findel and the BBC and over the years have developed PIXEL INITIATIVE. I convey exellent communication skills when discussing projects. I can confidently create imaginative and original design work but can also accomplish more direct briefs. I have a Degree in Animation and Illustration, which I studied at Bolton University.

    I have developed a broad range of skills using software such as Adobe Creative Suite. I can operate Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Premiere and Flash to a professional standard, this includes Illustration, preparing artwork for print, professional photo manipulation and retouching along with graphic layouts and vector art.

    Understanding the audience is key to providing appropriate, informative content targeted at the relevant users. Modern Media has a varied audience with a range of learning abilities. Close attention to current trends and User experience research help provide insight into their needs. PIXEL INITIATIVE has already built a strong map of the various audiences and it is crucial to use this information when developing visual design. The most memorable Visual designs use coherent imagery and tailored style, to connect with the audience. Pixel Initiative has developed an understanding of distinct user archetypes. Understanding that a person may require concise bursts of content during a busy commute but more in depth content when they are sat with a coffee, helps us understand that considering varied formats is essential.

    "There is a chemistry to vision and unpicking that chemistry changed the world." Simon Ings




    "Excellent photo retouching, photoshop painting and digital illustration skills."


    "Precise vector art skills, great for crisp print files and large format images."


    "Starting a new business? Why not let Pixel Initiative develop you a great value clean web site to host all the information about your work? ."


    "Quality Video editing services. Pixel Initiative combines sound manipulation skills with precisely edited footage to create well timed visual films. "


    "With a degree in Animation and experience building Flash games (for those who still care about Flash) I can assist with action script projects."


    "Experience developing music and voice over work and experimenting with electronic instruments such as the Microkorg synthesizer, DT Xpress drum pads and the Kaossilator."


    "Experience building blogs and web pages using wordpress plug ins I also have hosting space available, and membership."


    "Music and voice over editing, for both song and video. Experience working with BBC Outreach recording young childrens stories."


    "Experience with modelling and motion using 3D software such as Maya and Cinema 4D."